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Kim Taylor Take 2

anh_5787-600pixKim Taylor was my first act that I covered for CityBeat back in July and it was not my best work in the dimly lit Southgate House. I wanted another chance so I decided to cover her Indie Summer Concert Series on Fountain Square on Friday night. She had a full band for this show and I was able to get much better shots.

Kim is an awesome Cincinnati artist who’s latest work is featured as the theme for Oceanic 11 on Lost.




Creed in Columbus

Creed 3673On Wednesday, I shot Creed in Columbus. I had to face my issues with Scott Stapp, who ruined my image of Kid Rock back in 1999 so I decided to shoot the show at Nationwide Arena as the band begins their new tour.

When I arrived, I was a little surprised to see that they were almost giving away tickets outside and there were more people at the minor league baseball team next door.

I was pleasantly surprised by an opening band called Like a Storm. They were very cool with a metal edge look and sound. Their photos ended being some of my best of the evening. Check them out on myspace with their new album “Chemical Infatuation.”

Hoobastank was the second band of the evening and sounded just like I remember from the 90’s.

Creed took the stage in a pyro filled show and Scott Stapp sounded exactly the same. The band overall sounded just as I remember from 2000 when Bryan and I saw them on one of our first concert dates. Nationwide was a great venue to shoot at and I look forward to coming back for future shows.




Geisha- The Japanese Rock Star

anh_2416-600pixAfter traveling and working in Japan many times in four years, I finally was able to arrange a meeting with a geisha in the Gion district in Kyoto over the weekend. It is actually one of the most difficult photo opportunities that I have tried to setup. Japan’s history and culture are sacred and it takes an introduction to arrange a private meeting for a photo opportunity. I was a strange case for them as a female client not looking for entertainment.

I attended a traditional tea ceremony first and then had 30 minutes to get an individual portrait session and discussion. I learned that she was a maiko, which is a young geisha apprentice in training for music and dance.

The experience was magical and well worth the wait. I always compare geishas to magical creatures like unicorns.

After my portrait session I went and had lunch at a traditional restaurant and then decided to walk around the area. I realized it was almost 6 pm which is the normal time for most geishas to go to work. I looked down the street and saw paparrazi-like crowds of photographers running after geishas walking down the streets on the way to work. Of course, I joined in and met people from France, Brazil, UK, and many other parts of the world. It was so fun. I got a few candid photos and captured the crowds outside the house where the geishas live. Overall it was an amazing day that I won’t forget as I start to finish up my time in Asia.




Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim 1350On Monday, the night before leaving for Asia Pacific I was able to catch Langhorne Slim at Southgate House in Newport, KY. He and his band The War Eagles were straight off the Lollapalooza weekend in Chicago but came to Southgate House early for a portrait photo shoot with me in the green room.

Langhorne Slim is an American folk artist who’s music has been featured in the movie Waitress and has been a Rolling Stone Editor’s top pick.

His latest album Be Set Free was released September 29, 2009.

Check him out on myspace:




Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker & Dierks Bentley

Rascal Flatts 1016On Saturday night, I shot my first show at the Columbus Crew Stadium. It was a strong lineup of some of the top country artists around. I was thrilled and a little overwhelmed to be shooting in a venue that holds over 22000 people in a sold out show.

The show started strong with Dierks Bentley singing songs like “Long Trip Alone” & “Come a Little Closer.” I was a little alarmed that there was no barrier or pit between the crowd and the stage. For the first few acts I did not anticipate a problem, but I never underestimate girls as they try to get near their favorite bands.

Darius Rucker came on stage next and sang all the hits on his country album as well as some of my old Hootie & the Blowfish favorites. Truly a happy moment for me to hear “Only Wanna Be With You” again live after so many years. I saw Hootie 4 times one summer while in college and it brought back good memories of very fun times. My only disappointment was that Darius sang without his trademark acoustic guitar which was a photograph that I wanted to capture.

By the time Rascal Flatts took the stage, it was very dark and the stadium was packed. We went down a few minutes before the set and I was frustrated from the moment we arrived near the stage. There was no space for photographers because fans were already right up next to the stage. The stage also extended about 200 ft out into the crowd. The band spent most of one of the first three songs out in the crowd so that limited photo options significantly. Overall, the session was very disappointing and I was only able to get a few photos after trying to push my way through the crowd to the stage.